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We live in a city with the population of nearly 180 thousand people. The city Olsztyn is situated in the most beautiful part of Poland, in the north - east of the country. The city itself is surrounded by many lakes and dense natural forests. Being one of the cleanest regions of Poland with no heavy industry, it is promoting tourism and agriculture. In line with this policy agro-tourism is becoming the fastest growing sector of the regions economy.

Our school was established in 1951. Today it is being attended by 332 pupils aged 6 to 13, studying in 13 classes within 6 forms and one pre- school form. The school building is situated in a safe and quiet city quarter of detached houses. The school is situated on the edge of a beautiful forest and between two neighbouring lakes. With a view to raising pupils, awareness of ecological problems in practice our school has embarked on the project of ecological supervision of one of the lakes. The project entails regular cleaning the shores of the lake and strip of the adjacent forest. Also, we check the clarity of the water, feed the animals in the forest, and have created an ecological route with special information boards being placed all around the lake's shores. The route is a good source of information on the wildlife of our region.

Apart from the Ecological Club, there are many other students' groups of interest including: Computer Club, Sports Club, Dance Club, Handcraft and Arts Club, Drama Club and Chess Club.

Our School has also its own Students' Council, a students' body represanting our students and their interests both within the school and on the outside of it. The Council's role is to organise different school events throughout the school year like: Boy's Day (30 Sept), St. Valentine's Day, Women's Day and many others.

Our younger children, aged 7 - 10, can attend the school's play-room classes (from 6.30 - 16.30) where pupils can spend time before or after their regular lessons and take part in a variety of sports, art and learning activities under the guidance of one of our teachers.

Since 2001 our school has had a computer room for students aged 11 - 13 where they are taught computer skills. The room is also available for other students attendig after-class tutorials when they can improve their general IT skills or work on their multi-media presentations with the use of the Internet and chat rooms or different applications like PowerPoint or Paint.

Our school has got a tarmac play ground and a sizable sports hall which help to do different sports among which unihockey and football are the disciplines in which we have attained best achievements. eTwinning Zielona Flaga Szkoła Odkrywców Talentów Olsztyn - portal miejski pajacyk
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